Microbial Biotechnology

  1. General sites
  2. Protein technology & comercial enzymes
  3. Useful techniques
  4. Astrobiology, life from outer space!
  5. Bacterial metabolism
  6. Thermophiles and other extremophles
  7. Bioluminescence
  8. Online journal titles

General sites

Microbial Zoo The Microbial World Microbiology on the Net Microbiology Underground Glossary of Microbiology Bacterial nomenclature Microbes.info - The Microbiology Information Portal.


World Data Centre for Microorganisms Microbial strain Data Network Eubacteria - taxonomic information Archae - taxonomic information
General taxonomy Phylogenetic tree of life based on rRNA analysis 16S rRNA applications National Institute for Biotechnology Information
Nature magazine genomics Molecular biology on the Web Emerging biotechnology techniques Microarray links
Institute for Genomic Reserch (TIGR) Microbial Database TIGR software tool collection DOE Microbial genome program
The Sanger Centre National Center for Genome Resources: Bacteria National Center for Biotechnological Information, Entrez genomes
Bioinformatics 'quick links' Proteome databases; Sac. cerevisiae & C. elegens Primer designing Genetics and biochemistry links

Protein technologies and commercial enzymes

Enzyme classification Expasy-Enzyme, part of the ExPasy server Protein engineering lectures Protein engineering with non-coded amino acids
Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Electronics Asp. niger glucosamylase Directed enzyme evolution Computational structural biology

Number of useful techniques

Microarrays Animated yeast microarray expt. Gene chips
Ribosomal database project II 16S rRNA methods and applications Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) Overview of DGGE
16S rRNA & DGGE for ammonia oxidisers Temperature gradient gel electrophoresis (TGGE) Multi-locus sequence typing database Yeast - virtual library
Viruses database Virology on the Web Proteomics article Two-hybrid systems (pdf file)

Ancient microbes and life in/from outer space

Nannobacteria Recovery of viable ancient bacteria from 135 million years ago Precambrian fossil references Ichnofossils
Stromatolites 1 Stromatolites 2 Hamelin pool stromatolites Astrobiology
Microbial biogeochemistry Mars Bug - Life on Mars? Life on other planets ? Life in extreme environments
Archaea links Halophilic organisms Astrobiology and thermophiles Astrobiology lectue (Powerpoint)

Bacterial metabolism

Bacterial metabolism Cellular respiration Encyclopedia of E. coli genes and metabolism Directed enzyme evolution
Anaerobic respiration (please note the affect of poor spelling!) Fnr/Nar regulation paper Anaerobic respiration Anaerobes
Lactococcus - applicaitons (ie.vaccines) Lactic acid bacteria - Norwich, UK STARLAB - lactic acid bacteria & biotechnology

Thermophiles, and various other extremophiles

NASA site on crystalisation of thermophilic enzyme in space Scientific Amercian on-line article on thermophiles Extremophilic eucaryotes Radiation resistant bacteria
Thermotoga maritima from marine thermal vent Web site Archaeoglobus fulgidus Web site Sulfolobus solfataricus Web site Aquifex aeolicusWeb site
Methanococcus jannaschii web site General description of thermophilic bacteria Hyperthermophiles - abstract articles Magnetotactic bacteria
Yellowstone National Park microbial flora


Please ensure you can differentiate between mechanisms of `bacterial' bioluminescence (Vibrio fischeri) and `ATP' bioluminescnce from fireflies.

General Web pages (there are a few of these around, some are more colourful than others)

Bioluminescent bacteria Bioluminescence Web page Bioluminescence and biological fluorescence homepage Deep sea bioluminescence
Bioluminescence general homepage (1) Bioluminescence general homepage (2) Luminescent bactera, environments and cultivation General bioluminescence web page
Terrestiral bioluminescent bacterium, Xenorhabdus luminescens Dinoflagellate bioluminescence Bioluminescence Bioluminescent bacteria isolation from squid and fish

Commercial company Web pages (just to show the millions you can make by glowing in the dark!)

Prolume,Ltd. Biosynth Merck,Ltd. Photobacterium forum Azur Environmental

ATP bioluminescence (these are here for completeness)

ATP bioluminescence Celsis Technical library

Online journals.

Some of these will give full length articles, others only tables of content (TOC)

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology Journal of Biochemistry Protein Science Journal of Virology
FoodHACCP Journal of Food Protection Current issues in food microbiology Journal of Rapid Methods and Automation
Letters in Applied Microbiology Food Control International Journal of Food Microbiology Food Control
Journal of Food Quality Journal of Food Processing and Preservation Journal of Food Safety Internet Journal of Food Safety
Canadian Journal of Microbiology Current Microbiology Enzyme and Microbial Technology FEMS Microbiology
International Journal of Biodegradation and Biodeterioration Journal of Bacteriology Applied and Environmental Microbiology Microbial and Molecular Biology Reviews
Infection and Immunity Journal of Virology Luminescence Journal of Biotechnology
Electronic Journal of Infectious Diseases Journal of Microbiological Methods Virus International (collection of journals and methods). Warning this site has the annoying ability not to let you reverse your web browser! Microbiology
Pathobiology Research in Microbiology Veterinary Microbiology Trends in Microbiology
Current Opinion in Microbiology Trends in Biotechnology Biotechnology Advances Microbial Pathogeneis
Microbes and infection Water Research World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Food Microbiology
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology (Note hard to get much direct info.) Critical Reviews in Microbiology (Note hard to get much direct info.) Bioremediation Journal (Note hard to get much direct info.) Enzyme and Microbial Technology