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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)


For more information on this topic and chemical warefare see Biodegradation, bioremediation and environmental microbiology Web site

General diseases

Specific pathogens

Bacterial toxins

Airborne diseases

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Online journals.

Some of these will give full length articles, others only tables of content (TOC)

FoodHACCP Journal of Food Protection Current issues in food microbiology Journal of Rapid Methods and Automation
Letters in Applied Microbiology Food Control International Journal of Food Microbiology Food Control
Journal of Food Quality Journal of Food Processing and Preservation Journal of Food Safety Internet Journal of Food Safety
Canadian Journal of Microbiology Current Microbiology Enzyme and Microbial Technology FEMS Microbiology
International Journal of Biodegradation and Biodeterioration Journal of Bacteriology Applied and Environmental Microbiology Microbial and Molecular Biology Reviews
Infection and Immunity Journal of Virology Luminescence Journal of Biotechnology
Electronic Journal of Infectious Diseases Journal of Microbiological Methods Virus International (collection of journals and methods). Warning this site has the annoying ability not to let you reverse your web browser! Microbiology
Pathobiology Research in Microbiology Veterinary Microbiology Trends in Microbiology
Current Opinion in Microbiology Trends in Biotechnology Biotechnology Advances Microbial Pathogeneis
Microbes and infection Water Research World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology (Note hard to get much direct info.) Critical Reviews in Microbiology (Note hard to get much direct info.) Bioremediation Journal (Note hard to get much direct info.)