Biodegradation, Bioremediation and Environmental Microbiology

This is the homepage for the topics of Environmental Microbiology, Biodegradation & Bioremediation taught by Prof Steve Forsythe

I have copied a number of Web pages from the Internet, many are from lecturers who have made them available. However these the notes do not necessary follow my lecture material.

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Biodegradation and Bioremediation

Textile dye decolourisation talk (Powerpoint presentation) Biodegradable plastics (1) Biodegradable plastic(2) Biodegradable polymers
Polymer degradation Biodegradation experiment and examples Bioremediation - slurry phase technology Oil spill research references
Anaerobic bacteria & heavy metal removal List of bioremediation topics Anaerobes Off-site bioremediation of soil
Microbially induced corrosion Concrete cancer (1) Concrete cancer (2) Concrete cancer (3)
Concrete cancer (3) Concrete cancer (4) Bacterial remediation of radioactive concrete Subsurface microbiology
Bacterial corrosion of nuclear waste repository Bacterial corrosion of nuclear waste repository study paper Bioremediation of nuclear waste material Radioactive resistant bacteria
Residue management Bacterial remediation of radioactive concrete
Bioremediation of nuclear waste material 

Bacterial metal-radionuclide interaction Bioluminescent bacteria -toxicity testing (Merck,Ltd. Photobacterium forum) Bioluminescent bacteria - toxicity testing (Azur Environmental)
Journal of Solid Waste Technology & Management Environmental Biotechnology lecture series Winogradsky column University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database
Toxic waste Web site in the `Microbe Zoo' Predict-BT: Predicting-Biotransformation Database Biodegradability Evaluation and Simulation System (BESS) Bangor Biodegradation Group
US Geological Survey: Biodegradation Exxon Valdez report, PDF file Groundwater Pollution Primer Biocatalysis and Biodegradation:Online Course
Bioremediation resources on the Net Natural and accelerated bioremediation research Biodegradation & detoxification

Environmental Microbiology

Nitrogen cycle notes (1) Nitrogen cycle notes (2) Global nitrogen cycle Biogeochemical cycling
Biomineralization of magnetic minerals Microbial processes affecting the bioremediation of metals and radionuclides University of Minnesota - Biocatalysis/Biodegradation database Mercury and lead: environmental and biological analysis
Aerobiology Aeromicrobiology Aerobiology and bioterrorism
Bacterial corrosion of nuclear waste repository Bacterial corrosion of nuclear waste repository study paper Subsurface microbiology PROMISE: The prosthetic groups and metal ions in protein active sites database
Metalloprotein database Magnetotactic bacteria at Cal Poly Glossary of terms used in bioinorganic chemistryTopic Bioinorganic chemistry and related sites on WWW
Environmental biotechnology lecture series Waste management Nuclear waste management Algal bioremediation
Life in extreme environments Life in extreme environments and Astrobiology Biological control: a guide to natural enemies in North America at Cornell University Biological control virtual information centre
Midwest biological control online The microbial world: biological control International Society for Microbial Ecology Bacteriophage ecology group
ASM: Microbial Diversity Research Priorities David Sylvia: microbial ecology of the rhizosphere Termite gut Gold and silver extraction
Winogradsky column Water treatment and quality, chlorine dioxide treatment The Microbial World 16S rRNA analysis application
Drug discovery from soil Artifical bacterial chromosomes Fosmid kit for environmental DNA (pdf) Extraction and amplification of soil DNA
Commercial site-soil DNA Soil DNA extraction method Microbial diversity research priorities Commercial site-Soil DNA libraries
Microbial biogeochemistry Microbial Zoo Biofilms and microbial ecology Archaea organisms
Halophiles Thermophiles 250m year old bacteria Biodiversity
Enzyme evolution Biocontrol Biocontrol of pests Multi-locus sequence typing home page
Ribosomal datatbase project II Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis home page (1) Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis home page (2) Temperature gradient gel electrophoresis
Unknown organism identification (16S rRNA, etc) Ammonia-oxidsing bacteia community analysis Microbial secondary products Actinomycetes
Streptomyces coelicolor Products from soil microbes Bioactive agents - insects & fungi Macrolides
Scientific American article on Natural Products Journal of Natural Products Antibiotics, sources and mechanism of action Microbial concepts for Environmental microbiology
Network on Natural Attenuation in Groundwater and soil Waterborne diseases in USA Biofilms and microbial ecology EPA REACH IT
EC STARLAB project Water purification Environmental microbiology course notes on the sulphur cycle
Lecture notes on the sulphur cycle Sulphur cycle in flooded soils Phosphorous and sulphur cycles Animated sulphur cycle
Sulphur cycle Thiobacilli Genes in the sulphur cycle Ancient bacterium - a mistake?
Value of biodiversity Lactic acid bacteria (1) Lactic acid bacteria (2) Lactic acid bacteria (3)


Assessing the risk of the proliferation of mass destruction weapons Bioterrorism as a public health threat Bioterroism article in New Scientist Laboratoy response to anthrax threat
Bioterroism Bioterrorism emergency planning Lessons from simulated bioterrorism attack Chemical warfare
WHO - Health Aspects of biological and Chemical Weapons Biological weapons overview Japan biological weapons Economic aspects of biological weapons
Genetically engineered BW FAQ - Biological weapons CDC link of potential BW Review of BW threat
Anthrax - special issue of Emerging Infectious Disease journal 2002 CNN News information site on CW & BW USA anti-terrorism budget

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Online journals

Some of these will give full length articles, others only tables of content (TOC)

FoodHACCP Journal of Food Protection Current issues in food microbiology Journal of Rapid Methods and Automation
Letters in Applied Microbiology Food Control International Journal of Food Microbiology Food Control
Journal of Food Quality Journal of Food Processing and Preservation Journal of Food Safety Internet Journal of Food Safety
Canadian Journal of Microbiology Current Microbiology Enzyme and Microbial Technology FEMS Microbiology
International Journal of Biodegradation and Biodeterioration Journal of Bacteriology Applied and Environmental Microbiology Microbial and Molecular Biology Reviews
Infection and Immunity Journal of Virology Luminescence Journal of Biotechnology
Electronic Journal of Infectious Diseases Journal of Microbiological Methods Virus International (collection of journals and methods). Warning this site has the annoying ability not to let you reverse your web browser! Microbiology
Pathobiology Research in Microbiology Veterinary Microbiology Trends in Microbiology
Current Opinion in Microbiology Trends in Biotechnology Biotechnology Advances Microbial Pathogeneis
Microbes and infection Water Research World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology (Note hard to get much direct info.) Critical Reviews in Microbiology (Note hard to get much direct info.) Bioremediation Journal (Note hard to get much direct info.)